Congratulations, you’re a licensed agent! You’ve completed 2-8 months of classwork with some testing plus a final exam that went over just about everything you will never will need or use again. In the event you were smart, you were collecting real-estate leads even as you’re taking your courses just by gathering a listing of every single person you understand by name or confront.

If you weren’t extremely smart, you simply dedicated to your courses and learning and figured the true estate leads would appear later. You then sought out a real estate office to participate and they most probably said “Well, you’re inhaling, we’ll take a chance together with you! ” They showed that you simply cubicle, phone, coffee weed, bathroom and told one to have at it! No real-estate leads yet.

Now you’re scratching your mind, watching a veteran agent close to you screaming beause he has losing at Checkers about his computer while a small grouping of agents are hanging out all day reading the paper whilst still being complaining about the Sixers trading Iverson for the Nuggets. You haven’t heard any word about realty or real-estate leads yet. At this aspect, you cannot help yet wonder, “Are these guys on salary which is this all I need to do to make money in real estate? The answer can be a loud, resounding NO!

Rory Wilfong, a prosperous agent himself and co-founder regarding GetMyHomesValue says, “I don’t care issues been a licensed agent for 2 days or perhaps 50 years, you probably never took the Real estate professionals Pledge for real est leads. If you expect to reach your goals with your real estate leads sufficient reason for realty in general, you need to take and live from the pledge. “

The Pledge:

I, (State the name), as a licensed agent realize the importance to getting real estate leads, working leads and pursuing up properly with my real-estate leads. I also recognize that everything I do using this point forward is for your sole purpose of to generate leads. Some real estate leads could have some inaccurate information and I need to be mature enough to check past that and not necessarily immediately proclaim them “bogus” and by way of a little research or aid from others, I can get the information I must proceed. My pipeline of real-estate leads must never run dry because if it does, I will not be capable of turn those real est leads into clients and also take those clients directly into settlement. As such, I will never be able to make money and I will quickly blame others for my own failures.

I accept the undeniable fact that most real estate leads from most of my lead generation efforts are not likely to produce immediate results nonetheless exceptional my follow-up method is and my pipeline of real-estate leads will take on many settlement time, anywhere from next month, 6 months, next yr, 2 years or also 5 years from today. I also must continuously contact a lead right up until I actually get a consultation to help them making use of their real estate needs. This contact process will involve several phone calls, several knocks on the particular lead’s door and several mailings to experience my goal of having the appointment.

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